When is it Time for a New Mattress?

Have you ever noticed the effects of a sleepless night? Tossing and turning with little to no sleep is never good. The next day your body and brain are sluggish, and you feel awful. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of human health. When our body does not get enough quality sleep, our bodies are not able to heal and rejuvenate themselves, and our brains struggle to process emotions and store memories.

Knowing how crucial sleep is for our health, we should do all we can to assure we are able to sleep comfortably and get a good night’s sleep. Is your mattress comfortable? Have you noticed any pieces of the springs starting to stick out a bit? Or is there some sagging on one side? Mattresses are one of the only products that can have such a significant effect on our health and happiness. Therefore, it is important to replace your mattress at the first sign of disrepair.

According to industry standards, it is time to replace your mattress when the following issues arise:

  • Has it been longer than 8 years that you have been sleeping on this mattress?
  • It is negatively affecting your sleep.
  • Is it noticeably saggy or damaged in certain areas?